Project Description

This website was built for an individual who has collected thousands of pieces of jewelry over the years and now wants to sell it.

Excerpt from clients website:

Created by expert designers, Joanne Morley’s collection of exquisite jewelry offers affordable luxury and the highest standards of craftsmanship. This collection is inspired by her love of jewelry which has deepened over the last two decades. It provides a way for Joanne to share her enthusiasm for love, beauty, quality and authenticity. She believes that beauty should have no boundaries. The pieces in Joanne’s collection have shaped a new standard for affordable yet luxurious jewelry. She has designed her collection so that all can enjoy it’s timeless beauty. She purchases these pieces because of their creative influence and exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously designed by the imagination and unique vision of the designer.

From an early age, Joanne has had an infatuation for jewelry. She discovered a love for jewelry and it’s connection to history as she began to travel the world. This is in part why many of Joanne’s pieces represent a departure from the traditional. It is also the reason why Joanne studies gemology. She is mesmerized by the handmade Artisan pieces from Bali and India along with the timeless, intricate workings of the goldsmiths and silversmiths in Italy. She has long been a fan of the silversmiths in Mexico and Israel. Joanne purchases these pieces because they are exquisitely crafted and custom designed to the highest standards of detail and quality.

When asked about her large collection of jewelry, she responds, “many are the joys of collecting beautiful jewelry. Not only does one derive aesthetic pleasure from these smaller works of art; they are also very enjoyable to wear. At present, there are many artists around the world expressing themselves through their jewelry creations. It would give me great pleasure to see people enjoy jewelry in the same way they enjoy art. And how much more fun to wear your art than to hang it on a wall?”

Joanne’s passion for jewelry is reflected in each beautifully detailed piece she is offering. This includes detailing of the closures, mountings, and settings. She believes the back of a piece should be as beautiful as the piece itself or be supported by a heavy amount of precious metal. Joanne’s collection also presents pieces from designers: Samuel Behnam, Scott Kay, David Yurman, Allesandro Menegatti, Nino Tagliamonte, Judith Ripka, Tiffany, Nicky Butler, Franco Pianegonda, Charles Krypell and others. Her love for jewelry is endless and Joanne’s collection of 14K, 18K white, yellow and rose gold, precious gemstones and diamonds is equally as exquisite.

Joanne collects what she loves, sometimes thinking she’s going to wear an exquisite piece of jewelry/art but more often knowing it’s just an excuse to purchase it and add it to her collection. Because she will always search for and purchase authentic jewelry, she has decided to begin selling the beautiful and luxurious pieces in her collection. Joanne views this as two fold: she can continue doing what she loves the most, which is finding and purchasing exquisite jewelry, while selling her existing designs to those who share her enthusiasm for love, beauty, quality and authenticity in meticulously crafted jewelry. If you are one of these people, she is making these magnificent pieces available to you far below the market value in hope that others will continue to share the timeless beauty of each piece. Joanne hopes above all, to keep in the forefront, the unique vision of each designer. Her entire collection can be viewed at