Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan

Change Management Speaker
Mike Hourigan

Mike Hourigan is a change management speaker who delivers Change Management Programs such as “Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet: How to Manage Change in Today’s Workplace”, “How to Say ‘No!’ to Stress and Avoid Burnout” and covers other change management topics.

He understands that it is hard for many people to embrace change which is why during his Change Management Speeches he covers areas such as:

  • How Change Effects Us
  • How To Interpret Change
  • Responses to Change
  • Be a Role Model For Change
  • Cementing Change Successes

Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan will tell you about the effect change has on people at all levels within a company.
He tells you why change is predictable and how you can be prepared for change.

Audiences love Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan, who has shared his unique message with companies such as Bristol-Meyers Squibb, GMAC, ExxonMobil, Coldwell Banker, Disney, McDonald’s, Harley-Davidson, PwC and many more.

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Contact Mike Hourigan at 1-888-PRO-KEYNOTE or at 704-875-3030

Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan customizes his speeches to his clients: